From Yes and 2012: Looking Back (and Forward Too!)

I have decided the focus of From Yes' 2012 coverage will be retrospective. Which is to say, I want to revisit now "old" music and poems in the light of how we think about both art forms in 2012.

Because it is so easy to access new art, it is also easy to become overwhelmed with keeping up as both a fan and blogger; I often forget to revisit the great things that already exist in the worlds of music and poetry. This year, I will be introducing a new feature called "Retro Review" in which I visit older albums and books, considering how the work holds up. This, of course, is not a new idea, but I think it is an important exercise in remembering.

However, this is not to say that all of the discussions on the blog will be retro in nature. I am anticipating great new projects, particularly Cher's new album (her first in about a decade), the speculated release of Fiona Apple's fourth album, and, this summer, Alanis Morissette's new album (and possible book!). There are interesting newcomers emerging as well; for example, what is the reaction going to be to internet sensation Lana Del Rey's new LP, Born to Die? Just check out the title track; there's a lot to chew on:

Referencing the past may not only be a trend on this blog, but rather a sensibility for the year in general. We will have to wait and see.

In poetry, I am looking forward to Matthew Hittinger's Skin Shift--which, my guess, will be a mix of contemporary queer culture and nods to imagism. I am also interested to hear who will win the Walt Whitman Award and BOA Editions' Poulin Prize. The publishing world is a bit slower and quieter with its announcements and promotion, so I am hoping for some delicious surprises.

Of course, there will be new "Pop Poems" featured and lots of music videos too. Stop by again soon, and I hope, for all of us, the year is full of happiness, good music, poetry, and conversation. As it were, full of "Yes!"

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