Summer Soundtrack: Oldies But Goodies

The summer is a busy time, and this year my summer has been no different. While I have not been blogging, I have moved apartments, visited family, and spent lots of time with my boyfriend. During all of this activity, my iPod has clocked many hours, keeping me singing and dancing amidst packing, driving, and hanging out.

Of course, any good mix of summer music is part nostalgia and part novelty, so my 2012 summer tunes  include aging favorites and new singles. Because they've been around longer and paid their dues, let's talk about the oldies but goodies first.

"Tik Tok" by Ke$ha 

I was a bit late to the Ke$ha party, though I loved this song when it played in my favorite bars during graduate school. "Tik Tok" is a surprisingly sturdy pop tune bolstered by its Mick Jagger-referencing swagger.

"Do You Want to Dance" by Bette Midler

From Midler's first album, The Divine Miss M, this song delivers the kind of sticky, sweaty midnight yearning that comes with a hot breeze and frozen margarita. It begins slow, but builds to such an aching crescendo you can't help but want to kiss your man by the end.

"Candy" by Mandy Moore

While Moore released some questionable material during her TRL pinup period, this song stands out as one of her gems. Yes, the lyrics circle the absurd (How does one miss someone like candy?!) but the chorus is sweet and hooky. It always tastes good in a frivolous, rainbow-sprinkles way.

"Hey #3/Perfect for You (Reprise)" by Jennifer Damiano and Adam Chanler-Berat

Though new to me, this song is a favorite from the much-loved musical, Next to Normal. The duet fluctuates between heartbroken and hopeful but ultimately sides on a romantic perseverance that has made it a go-to for my wistful moments. It's the kind of song to fall asleep to with the fan running.

"Hot" by Avril Lavigne

I have secretly loved this song for years and think it deserves much more attention than the other singles from Lavigne's third album. It has a great power-pop chorus that you can't but help shout along to in the car. I sing and chair-dance behind the wheel every time it comes on.