Summer Soundtrack: Tasty 2012 Tracks

The summer is a great time for love songs, and this year has delivered some fun and sexy tunes to get lost to. Best of all, my favorite songs this summer are great for road trips--both the kind where you sing at the top of your lungs with friends, and the kind where you whimsically watch the landscape pass by your sun-kissed window.

"Naked Love" by Adam Lambert

Why Lambert and his label have not chosen to release this as a single, I do not know. It's a fun party tune about having sex with someone you like. It has a great beat. And, it allows Lambert to glam out on the chorus in the most delightful way. He even rocks the track live.

"Anything We Want" by Fiona Apple

From her brilliant fourth album, The Idler Wheel..., this track allows the listener to revel in Fiona Apple's sexy side and begin to leave her emotionally turbulent album on a hopeful note. Here's to hoping it also gets an official single release and video.

"Bittersweet Melodies (Christian Strobe Remix)" by Feist

This remix takes an affecting folk-pop song about lost love and turns it into a gently pulsing dance track. Of course, Feist's music has already proven to make strong remixes, and this is no exception. Not to mention, it is a reminder of how strong of an album Metals continues to be. (You can download the track for free here.)

"Turn Up the Radio" by Madonna

As I noted in my review of Madonna's MDNA, this song shows that the Queen of Pop can still work a good dance tune. Its optimistic thump is "Holiday" via Katy Perry's "Firework." With every spin, it makes me feel good. It is the song of the summer (on my iPod, at least).