Review: Mika's The Origin of Love

On his third album, The Origin of Love, Mika figures out how to write music about love and happiness. Considering his past pop confections, this project is a fitting challenge for Mika's strengths, and, as a result, Love is a bouncy and quirky pop album that takes joy in its in own giggles. Interestingly, the best track on the album, "Make You Happy," is one of its darkest offerings; the song finds the singer telling his lover all he wants to do is care for him, despite whatever sadness they face. However, complaining that the album is filled with mostly trifles is besides the point because so much of it tastes good, from the cheeky "Popular Song" to the character-study, "Emily," and optimistic anthem, "Celebrate." What Mika has done so well is (again) embrace his flamboyance and a new interest in dance music. The Origin of Love is not the weightiest album, but that works to its advantage.