Favorite Music of 2012 Coverage: What's to Come

Yes, dear reader, it is that time again! Because I want to more carefully discuss the music I really loved this year, I will be rolling out a lot mini-reviews for my favorite music of 2012.

This year was a great year for singles in particular, so I hope you will enjoy my Tasty Tracks of 2012 feature. Right now, I have about fifteen tracks I want to talk about, but I am secretly hoping the list will grow as we inch into December. Who knows? Maybe we have yet to hear the great single of the year.

I will also revisit or freshly review my favorite albums. I have a few records that I keep returning to and loving that I am excited to discuss.

So, I hope you stop by again soon, share links, leave comments, have conversations with your friends, and revisit all of your favorite 2012 music too. Let's celebrate a great year in pop music.

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