Tasty Tracks of 2012: Steve McQueen by M83

It's a bit of a cheat for me to consider "Steve McQueen" a 2012 song, as the track of was featured on M83's remarkable 2011 release, Hurry Up, We're Dreaming. However, "Steve McQueen" did get an official single release this year and fits well within the 2012 electronic musical landscape.  The track is M83 at his best--making 80s tinged, emotional music. While his preoccupation on early albums seemed to be angst, this song sees one-man-band Anthony Gonzalez placing his eye on joy and hope. The song revels in a roll-down-the-windows ecstasy, drunk on its own happiness. Of course, it brims with good musical ideas--the "doop-be-doop-be-doop" hook that starts the song, the way the drums pound below Gonzalez's as he sings, "I woke up stronger than ever / Driven by big waves of fire," before he lets the track take off into a stratosphere of synths and harmonized voices. The song continually builds and builds as Gonzalez yelps, "Just waiting, just waiting," until he suddenly drops the backing and we are left with nothing but his voice crying out. It's chill-inducing.

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