Tasty Tracks of 2012: Anything We Want by Fiona Apple

Fiona Apple's voice brims with passion. She often uses her masterful phrasing and delivery to explore loss and doubt, but "Anything We Want" finds her broaching less common territory--lust. It's a spirited and quirky song beginning with a clinking cowbell that gives way to drums and piano. This spare instrumentation creates a bed for Apple's longing by allowing her performance to have space. And the track is so full of sexual tension, she needs that room to move. At one point, she sings, "Then we'll grow up / Take our clothes off / And you'll remind me / I wanted you to kiss me / When we find some time alone," leaning into each phrase with so much hand-clenching urgency that you can almost feel her sweating. In fact, that's the feeling throughout the entire track--heat, hunger, joy, and hope. The song is a fresh and exciting work from an artist so often dismissed for being too "dark."

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