Tasty Tracks of 2012: I Fucked Up by Madonna

Madonna's MDNA is a mixed bag, full of experiments that work or brilliantly burn out before the song is over. "I Fucked Up" is one of the tracks where her risks pay off. The song is classic ballad about lost love, but Madonna keeps it from getting sleepy by layering in a heavy beat to propel the music forward. Not to mention, the singer's voice sounds the best it has in years, and she delivers a crisp vocal that sits at the front of the mix without much tampering, except for a soft echo on the verses. "I Fucked Up" reminds me that Madonna still has an effecting voice and the best pop chops in the business. She is not taking things easy 30 years into career, and this song proves that she's still trying to mark out new and interesting territory. She deserves respect for that persistent bravery.

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