Tasty Tracks of 2012: Naked Love by Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert is our current master of the pop strut. He has an unparalleled glam-rock voice, and his style and phrasing allow him to get away from some delicious boasting. His voice also translates well into a dance pop context, which is what we hear on "Naked Love." Because he can belt--which he does most of the song--his performance soars above the pump-pump-pump of the beat, and the result is damn sexy. When Lambert sings, "Take it off and try me on / The hottest threads you've ever worn / So roll the dice. Get lucky tonight / I know you're holding back / No more hesitation," you can't help but want to let him throw you up against a wall somewhere (or is that just me?). The song is all sweat and sex, reveling in the kind of hedonistic carpe diem pop that sounds so good in the club and in the bedroom.

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