Feel Good Song: 22 by Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's dance pop tribute to being young, "22," is the kind of perfectly crafted confection that speaks so exactly of its time, it can't help but strike all the right chords (pun intended!). The track details what it feels like to be in your 20s now--which is to say hopeful, earnest, silly, a bit aimless, but joyful. "22"'s production also flaunts it's maker's strong craft; it starts with a chipper but deceptively simple jangly guitar, as the production effects layer in: first an 808 drum, then some electronic flutters. By the time the dub-step-esque bass drop slams in with the chorus, you are all worked up and waiting for that sonic relief. It's smart, fun, and damn good to dance to. Say what you will of Swift's persona--she certainly does her music no favors with the public--but she can craft one hell of a pop tune. When she wails, "I gotta have you" towards the end of the song, it's hard not to shout along.

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