Mirrors by Justin Timberlake and Spring Break

I'm going to be taking a little spring break from the blog for a couple weeks. However, before I skip away, I wanted draw your attention to the charming "Mirrors" from Justin Timberlake's forthcoming The 20/20 Experience; the album is garnering extremely positive early press, and "Mirrors" is likely a good indicator as to why Timberlake's third LP may be the first big pop album of the year.

On the track, the singer sounds more comfortable than ever before. Yet, the song is anything but sleepy. The busy production and smooth beat keeps the eight-minute piece moving at a sexy pace. The layered vocal also helps the subtle hook catch on early, before things take an interesting and more experimental tone at the five and a half minute mark. Timberlake--one of the best vocalists of our time--has a way of integrating pop smoothness with his more adventurous neo-soul tendencies. What results is a great love song like "Mirrors," which manages to be accessible enough to grab a listener on the first play but continually reveal its textures with each spin. This song (coupled with press) has me hoping that his new album is the masterpiece he boasted in his early publicity materials.

So, dear reader, happy listening. I will see you back here in the not-so-distant future.

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