Single Review: Hold Me by Yoko Ono featuring David Aude

This week, the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart is where it's at. The top five includes some great music: the shimmering Ellie Goulding/Calvin Harris collab, "I Need Your Love;" Tegan and Sara's pop gem, "Closer;" and Emile Sande's peppy soul ballad, "Next to Me." That's some damn good stuff, at the top of which sits Yoko Ono's "Hold Me," remixed by Dave Aude. It's understandable why this song is a dance hit; it has a great beat, and Ono chanting the hook, "Hold me in your arms," over and over makes you want to pull your lover closer and closer. The track also accomplishes what the best music of Ono's career has always done by straddling the experimental and the accessible. The singer's voice is scratchy and edgy as ever, but set within the shimmering, pulsing dance production, it provides emotional heft to an otherwise lyrically fluffy song. Ono's performance makes the piece a sexy ode to longing and desire; kudos to her for staying on the top of her game.

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