Feel Good Song: The Way by Ariana Grande (ft Mac Miller)

There is an inherent laziness to Ariana Grande's first single, "The Way." Grande is a likeable vocalist, but she delivers lyrics with almost no diction; you can only understand what she is singing about half of the time. Her performance coupled with Mac Miller's slouchy rap makes for a particularly slack track, but that laid-back mood is surprisingly attractive. Grande and Miller have good romantic chemistry--an important factor for a song that boasts "You got my heart. Don't know how you did it." Not to mention, they both seem like they are having a good time, swooning over each other. The laid-back dance-party setting also works well, featuring backing singers shouting "hey" softly, clapping, keyboard, and drum machines, while Grande moves between belting and her Mariah Carey-esque head voice.  The track is simple but friendly. It sounds like summer: sunshine, drinking with friends, watching a movie on the couch, and making out with your man.

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