Poetry Link Round-Up: Kate Evans, Collin Kelley, and Ellen Bass

Dear reader, here are three poetry-related stories I was particularly excited about over the past few weeks:

Kate Evans' Blog

I have been reading Kate Evans' blog for about five and a half years, and I am big fan of her poetry collection about marriage and domesticity, Like All We Love. Extremely prolific, she is also the author of wonderful fiction and nonfiction. Her blog has become particularly exciting lately as she and her husband prepare to travel the world in about a week. I am looking forward to reading about her journey and to see what great writing will inevitably stem from her time abroad.

Collin Kelley's New Book, Render

Collin Kelley is promoting his new poetry collection, Render. I was lucky enough to meet him at a reading we both performed at last spring. He is a gifted poet and a charming reader; I would recommend checking out his new book and watching him read, if you get the chance. 

Ellen Bass' forthcoming Like a Beggar

I am very excited Ellen Bass has a new book coming out next year. Though there is still quite a bit of time to wait for its arrival, there are some poems (I assume) from the collection floating around the internet, such as "Ode to Repetition," which appears to have inspired the new book's title.

Happy reading and happy spring!


Kate Evans said...

I'm honored you included me in your blog...especially in the company of Collin & Ellen. Thank you!

Isaiah Vianese said...

You're welcome! I look forward to reading more about your travels! :-)