Single Review: #Beautiful by Mariah Carey (ft Miguel)

Mariah Carey has a new hit on her hands, as her recent collaboration with Miguel, "#Beautiful," broke into the Billboard top twenty this past week. The song is solid, laid-back summer jam--the best track Carey has produced since "We Belong Together." The track has some drawbacks, namely the unnecessary use of the hash-tag in the title, and repetition of an obnoxious, squeaky giggle that pulls you out of the song. Hardcore Carey fans might also lament that Miguel does most of the heavy lifting, dominating the track while Carey seems to merely back him up. However, Carey's voice has aged into a reedier instrument than it used to be, much in the same Whitney Houston's did late in her career (though for different reasons). Carey can't belt like she used to, but the song plays to the attractive qualities of her mature abilties, allowing her to be breathy and soft while Miguel's gorgeous, sexy tenor pulls you through the track. The song is a winner.


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