Bonus Post: Happy Birthday, Cyndi Lauper

Because Cyndi Lauper turns 60 today (June 22nd!) I wanted to share another song from her spectacular and under-appreciated dance record, Bring Ya to the Brink. "Rain on Me" finds Lauper taking a more wistful tone, but the song is also a tribute to a consistent choice throughout her diverse and extraordinary career: promoting empathy. She has often written reflective music about wanting to be better, and, in turn, make the world better, despite heartbreak and disappointment. This track is about her facing "bad weather" and trudging on. It also smartly reconstructs the adult pop ballad--a staple of Lauper's career as well--by lushly orchestrating the track with a soft beat and beautiful synth sounds that are reminiscent of her New Wave and dance work in the 80s. It's a gorgeous track and a testament to her strengths. So, happy birthday to Cyndi Lauper, and many thanks to her for all the wonderful music and art she has made.

(If you really like this song and want to know more about Bring Ya to the Brink, you can also check out my review of the album. If you like Lauper's work and/or dance music, it's worth buying a copy of the LP; I have played it more times than I can remember.)

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