Single Review: U Should Know Better by Robyn (ft Snoop Dogg)

Since releasing her wonderful and charming self-titled album eight years ago (five years ago in the US), Robyn has had a knack for integrating her sense of humor and pop smarts with hip-hop swagger. "U Should Know Better" is one of the stronger pieces to continue this career trend on 2010's Body Talk. The track is a bit abrasive--the beat pummels a little too hard from the outset, feeling out of balance with the chorus--and the hook takes a few listens to get hold, but Snoop Dogg's and Robyn's raps work well together. Not to mention, Robyn indulges in some iconic boasting. Why has Robyn chosen to release this track as a single about three years after her album release? Your guess is as good as anyone's, but perhaps this is a sign that Robyn is gearing up to work on new projects. Until she does release new music, it is nice to have this single (with its new gender-bending video!) emerge as a reminder of her great records.

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