Single Review: Wild by Jessie J ft Big Sean and Dizzee Rascal

Jessie J's new single is formulaic--a jittery beat, a solid hook, and some guest rapping. In fact, this recipe feels almost retro, like a Mariah Carey track from the early 2000s, but that throwback works well for showcasing the singer's gift of delivering enigmatic hooks. Jessie J is an idiosyncratic but memorable vocalist because of her unbridled vibrato and tendency to get squeaky when she belts; her contributions are the best parts of the track. "Wild" does have one too many guest raps, as the track could have benefited from focusing on Big Sean's contributions, rather than complicating things by also including Dizzee Rascal. Nonetheless, Jessie J delivers such a catchy vocal, it makes up for any shortcomings the song may have. Coupled with her striking new look, this song may mark an exciting new creative chapter for the pop star.

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