Single Review: Woman's World by Cher

Cher's new single, "Woman's World," is a triumphant return for the diva. The track plays to her strengths as a self-esteem icon and club staple, allowing her to sound contemporary while also paying tribute to her back catalog. The song--which has a title that tells you all you need to know about it's meaning--shows that she can keep up with the trends of the dance floor.

"Woman's World" is a straight-up dance thumper that manages to sound both modern and retro. The song smartly integrates the expansiveness house music has incorporated in the midst of an EDM boom, and yet it also plays with rave sounds that wax nostalgic for the 90s. This hybrid is a smart choice for Cher because her reputation as a queen of club music was cemented in the 90s with tracks like "One by One" and "Believe," and so fans can easily hear how this track stands alongside past efforts. However, the way the single explodes during the chorus and the crisp production are the products of music now; this is a song built to hold its own against Katy Perry, Ellie Goulding, and

Notably, Cher's vocal is relatively un-tampered with. There are some autotune tricks, particularly during verses, but the producers made the smart choice to get out of Cher's way. She sounds great--better than ever--and her bold delivery, especially the belting during the chorus, allow her to carry the weight of the song. Unlike many divas, Cher's voice seems to get better with age, and it's exhilarating when during the first movement of the chorus the production pulls back to give Cher room to breathe. She fills that space with a performance that young dance-pop princesses could learn something from about commitment and control.

Of course, "Woman's World" does have an element of camp, but that is the charm of a Cher song. While it has yet to be seen if this song will help the legendary performer break into the Hot 100 or make her way onto radio again, this track is sure to be a huge club hit. Not to mention, it's never wise to count Cher out of any race, because she is bound to persevere and surprise listeners. "Woman's World" is testament to her talents, good taste, and adherence to her aesthetic and sound. Dance-pop in 2013 will be Cher's game; everyone else will just be playing along.

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