Why Cher's Appearance on The Voice Was Just As It Needed to Be

Last night, Cher debuted her new single, "Woman's World," with a live performance on The Voice. While some of the press has been mixed about the performance, her appearance was just as it needed to be: fun, exciting, and campy.

The legendary performer has faced some criticism for her punk attire--a mesh top, black studded jacket, and faux-hawk wig--but this has often been her mode of operations; she has been wearing eye-catching outfits since the beginning of her career, when her hippie clothes, long hair, and eye makeup were considered unusual. Not to mention, the biker-chick look of see-through tops, leather, and big hair pay tribute to an aesthetic she started cultivating in the 80s during the success of her hits "I Found Someone" and "If I Could Turn Back Time." (Remember that mo-hawk  head-dress she wore to the Academy Awards during this period?) She looked great because she was true to her own persona and unusual sense of style.

More importantly, her performance was energized and fun. She worked the stage with grace while dancers moved around her, and she sang with a smile on her face. Singing live, her voice sounded strong and vibrant, standing up to the loud backing. The performance was a good representation of what the singer has been doing on stage since her resurgence with "Believe" in 1999 (including her Farewell Tour and Las Vegas residency). The diva has presence and charisma, and that showed.

Today, news outlets are talking about Cher, and her new single is selling fairly well on iTunes. It seems her performance did just as it needed by reintroducing a musical icon who had not sang live on TV in decade and letting America know she is still interesting, relevant, and making new music.

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