Congrats to Beth Ditto and a Belated Review of the Beth Ditto EP

Yesterday, Out reported that Gossip front-woman, Beth Ditto, recently married her partner. To celebrate her happiness, I wanted to revisit her excellent 2011 self-titled EP. The Beth Ditto EP was one of the sharpest pieces of dance pop to drop that year--a mix of 90s era Madonna homage and moody disco throwback. While Ditto first made her mark as a skilled rock vocalist, she sounds wonderfully at home in a smooth and glittery dance context. Each track on the mini-record is lushly orchestrated with synths, drum machines, and electronic flourishes, as well as focuses around a strong central premise and hook. After you zip through the four tracks, it's hard not to wish there were at least six more tracks to round out a full record. That said, the song that shows Ditto could easily be a club music superstar is the single, "I Wrote the Book." On it, she does her finest work, reconfiguring the hyper-sexualized image Madonna made for pop music during her "Justify My Love" period. Ditto broadens that image by keeping it sexy but making it more playful and unabashedly queer--thus, more representative of sexuality and romance in the 21st century. So, congrats to the wonderful and talented Beth Ditto, and here's to hoping the newlywed makes some great new dance music soon. 

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