Single Review: Lego House by Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran's rising popularity in the US is not surprising, especially when you hear tracks like "Lego House." While the song's central image feels clumsy, Sheeran is a charming singer, and he knows how to deliver vocals on an acoustic record. His voice is a mixture of sweetness and grit, which provides gravity and contrast to his performance. "Lego House" has a simple production of layered guitars, hushed background vocals, and some piano and drums, but this instrumentation provides just enough heft to help the track, especially the chorus, roll at a comfortable pace. Though the song is not much more than a lovely ballad about the ache of loving someone, Sheeran is so damn likable that his performance helps the piece gel, and he sounds like the best pop cuddle buddy on the charts right now.

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