Single Review: Slow Down by Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez's new album, Stars Dance, dropped today. Much of the press about the record has noted the continued sexualization of the singer's image and the shift of her sound to a darker, heavier dance pop. Her second single for the LP, "Slow Down," is indicative of these marked changes. It's a club-thumper about "dancing" all night with the person of one's desires. Though trite, Gomez makes fine use of the material she is given. She does not get much credit as a singer (perhaps because her vocals are often filtered down to almost nothing), but, much like KeSha, Gomez has an interesting (if small) voice, and the auto-tune and layering in "Slow Down" often accentuates some of its grittier textures. While her voice is used a way to accentuate the beat rather than hold the track together, this works in the song's favor. Gomez and her producers are not running from the fact that this song is built for good, mindless dancing late into the night. If you can accept the track on these terms, it is a perfectly good way to pass a few minutes some sweaty Friday night.

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