And I'm Back! So Let's Talk About Cher

After a busy few weeks, I am back to the blog, and what a busy time it's been in pop while I've been running around! The two biggest singles of the year--Katy Perry's wonderful "Roar" and the mixed-bag that is Lady Gaga's "Applause"--both dropped. I've been thinking a lot about both tracks, but I'll save that for another post.

Today's pressing pop topic is the arrival (finally!) of Cher's official video for "Woman's World" (which is getting an exclusive release on the Daily Mail before it arrives in other markets).  The video is not revolutionary per se, but its directness in both message and design is a study in simplicity that could teach young pop divas a thing or two.

The message of the video parallels the transparency of the song--women of a variety of body types, races, and ages rock out to the track. Images of the women are spliced together, showing that the celebration of "girl power" is a shared experience that connects them. This is nothing new, but it's clean, clear, and celebratory--certainly not a bad thing for a pop song.

While this week a pop diva or two released official videos that felt like scatter-shots of unlinked images, Cher selected three looks, two of which feel instantly iconic. The first is a wig made of newspaper clippings. Clearly featured on the cover art for her forthcoming album, Closer to the Truth, the robust and grand hair piece is both quirky and modern. Not to mention, it's not difficult to grasp the metaphor it implies when you think of Cher's long past with tabloids.

The second look features Cher in a red triangular wig and elegant Asian-inspired black dress. For the diva, extravagance has marked her most memorable fashion choices, and this addition to the oeuvre shows her stretching her look into new territory while maintaining her grandiosity.

(Her third look, which is downplayed in the video, is the most tame and functions as a buffer between the two more significant costumes.) 

I should also note that "Woman's World," prior to today's official video release, hit number one on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs chart a few weeks ago. And so Cher's fabulous pop music reign continues. We'll have to stay tuned for what she does next as Closer to the Truth arrives in just over a month. I am sure there are many more exciting things to come.

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