Feel Good Song: Get Outta My Way by Kylie Minogue

Kylie Minogue's 2010 album, Aphrodite, is a glittering gem packed full of feel good tunes about love and dancing; "Get Outta My Way" is the brightest from the set, boasting an impeccable production and chorus. Such praise may sound like hyperbole, but Minogue is a master pop craftsman who knows how to showcase her strengths. "Get Outta My Way" works so well because it layers up Minogue's voice to make her sound strong and determined--an important choice for a song about an empowered woman taking control of her romantic life. Not to mention, the disco homage tastefully integrates retro elements with modern electronic textures to create a house track that sounds both timeless and contemporary. When the strident chorus hits with its pulse and shimmer,  it is nothing short of a pure pleasure to sing and dance along.  Few dance pop songs are this perfect.

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