Feel Good Song: Baby, Come Over by Samantha Mumba

Samantha Mumba had a brief but vibrant period of success amidst the turn of the millennium bubble gum pop boom. Like several stars from this period, she curiously disappeared from the music scene after one hit record (perhaps because she saw shifting trends in music, or because she wanted to focus on her acting career). However, Mumba's music is some of the most soulful and well-assembled from 2000, as is clearly heard on her single, "Baby, Come Over." The singer has a rich, creamy voice that takes control of the dance-pop track and infuses it with necessary life. The song itself is strong, built with a good hook and lyrics that sound sexy without being too aggressive, but Mumba is the most important ingredient. Even given the now-dated production flourishes, including the R and B inspired beat that was more en vogue thirteen years ago, the robotic dance breakdown, and the clunky electronics, Mumba's committed performance keeps the track together. Her vocal is so alive, the song still sounds great because (perhaps unlike some of her peers) she is the star of her material.

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