Single Review: Work Bitch by Britney Spears

Britney Spears newest single, "Work Bitch," is not her easiest to listen to. However, it does mark aesthetic progress for the performer, as well as her continued engagement with dance music and its evolution. Femme Fatale beckoned an artistic Renaissance for Britney by complicating her pop music with more experimental dance accoutrements, and "Work Bitch" takes that even further. The song is neither as abrasive as her collab,  "Scream and Shout," nor as sweetly melodic as, "Ooh La La," which she released this summer. However, it shares three key features with those tracks: a sharp hook, pummeling beat, and rapping in a faux-English accent. The track has an ear-worm quality, even if it is not necessarily attractive on first listen. More importantly, it shows Spears not stalling but pushing forward into brave new territory. If some critics have questioned her integrity and control over her music, the cohesiveness of her last three singles is a testament to her artistic savvy and smarts, as the songs work as a set despite featuring a variety of collaborators. She knows exactly what she is doing. 

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