Feel Good Song: Take It Like a Man by Cher

Because I started my Feel Good series with an older track (Des'ree's wonderful "You Gotta Be"), I wanted to end the series with a brand new song. Of course, as I have already said, Cher's new album has dominated my music year, and "Take It Like a Man" represents the feel good nature of Closer to the Truth. During my exploration of feel good music over the past year, I have realized most music of this ilk is pleasurable for at least one of three reasons: it's cathartic ("This Too Shall Pass" by OK Go or Cyndi Lauper's True Colors), it's calming (Donna Lewis' Be Still), or it's celebratory and doesn't take itself too seriously ("Get Outta My Way" by Kylie Minogue). Cher's newest single definitely falls in the third camp.

In fact, "camp" is a fitting word for "Take It Like a Man," which has a strong 90s disco/house/rave aesthetic and evolves around the double entendre: "If you want my heart, you gotta take like a man." Cher is a co-writer on the track and values her large gay male fan base; so, she created a cheeky slice of club music that makes for good nights on the dance floor, built with an inside joke that gay men will appreciate. Beyond it's lightheartedness, why else is this song a fitting conclusion for my Feel Good series? Well, Cher delivers the following lines during a verse midway through the single: "I've seen and done it all. / I've been misunderstood, / but tell me what can bad / about feeling good? / It's all or nothing now / cause fate don't wait around." The diva knows that joy, celebration, and carpe diem are important to living happily, and her track makes for a life-affirming listen that is not only about going out with your friends but also about valuing those fun times as well.

(Note: the following promo video for the song focuses around the "adventures" of underwear models and may be a bit too hot to watch at work.)

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