Happy Tom's Diner Day!

On  November 18th about 32 years ago, Suzanne Vega wrote, "Tom's Diner," a song that has an important place in pop music history. First included on Vega's wonderful 1987 sophomore album, Solitude Standing, the original a capella version was used to refine the MP3, making the singer "the Mother of the MP3." The track also had another life through its DNA Remix in the early 90s, which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. The song's success is understandable; though understated, it is a warm tribute to living in Manhattan and is a prime example of Vega's gift for writing about contemporary city-dwellers and their surroundings. Because of the song, many tourists make there way to Tom's Diner every year.

To celebrate the day, Suzanne Vega is offering a free live version of the song through her website.

You can also check out the two most famous versions of the track:

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