Tasty Tracks of 2013: Woman's World by Cher

When it first dropped, I had a lot to say about Cher's first single, "Woman's World," from her triumphant return to pop music, Closer to the Truth. In fact, because her recent output has been so good, it has defined my music year. I stand by my first review of the dance gem, to which it is important to add that the track still sounds good all these months later: Cher's huge vocal, the way the track refines the 90s House and Rave music aesthetic the diva put on the mainstream map with "Believe," and the feel-good propulsion of the beat. It's a cleanly produced and direct dance-delivery-machine, as well as damn fun. There is no mystery why the track hit number one on the Billboard Dance/Club Play Songs Chart, continuing Cher's impressive career as a chart-topping pop artist who, at 67, is better than ever.


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