Yup! You Got It! It's That Time of Year: Favorite Music of 2013 Time

Well, dear reader, we are ankle-deep into November, which means it is time for end-of-the-year music coverage.  As is the tradition on this blog (just like it is on most music blogs and review outlets), I want to take some time to review my favorite music from the past year. Thus, I will be rolling out a series of mini-reviews discussing what I thought was the best music in 2013.

I will be writing ten song reviews for my Tasty Tracks of 2013 series. I also plan on completing three posts for the best albums of the year, including a My Favorite Album of the Year post. This, as you have likely noticed, will total out to thirteen mini-reviews to wrap up a great year in pop music--a fitting number for 2013.

In addition, I will be completing one final post for my Feel Good series, as well as interjecting any necessary reviews for new music that drops as we run into the holiday season.

So, dear reader, I hope you will join me in my celebration of 2013 pop music. Though the year had a slow start and was a bit short on great singles, the late summer and fall have yielded wonderful pieces of music. Please stop by again to comment, share, and discuss. Happy reading, listening, and dancing to you!

Oh, and before you go, the new Britney song, "Perfume," which recalls one of her best songs, "Everytime." I hope you enjoy it.


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