Tasty Tracks of 2013: Walking on Air by Katy Perry

2013 has marked the decline of EDM on the pop charts, but, in the midst of that slide, dance music has (ironically) refreshed itself with nostalgic sounds. Case and point: Katy Perry's teaser single, "Walking on Air," from her album, Prism. Perry is a master of pure pop pleasures and cliches. In "Walking on Air," she indulges her inner 90s House music diva, channeling (among others) Whitney, Madonna, and Martha Wash. What's interesting about the track, however, is that it does not feel like appropriation but rather an authentic Katy track. This is mostly due to the tone--a bouncy, celebratory joyfulness that suits the singer/songwriter's interest in romance. In many ways, the song is an evolution of the aesthetic and subject matter she courted so expertly on "Teenage Dream." Not to mention, the 90s club music cheese--the vintage beat, spectacular backup singer, playful lyrics, and Perry's ecstatic vocal delivery--make the song a ton of fun.


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