Album of the Week: Bastille's Bad Blood

Just as their hit, "Pompeii," indicates, Bastille's Bad Blood sounds like a Mumford and Sons record via Enya. Each track has a lush or grand orchestration that gives way to sturdy pop rock. Most of the tracks follow a similar structure: a dramatic intro that gives way to the meat of the song.  However, this often works to gorgeous effect, such as on "Pompeii," "Things We Lost in the Fire," "These Streets," and "Icarus." Of course, such formula can get tiresome, so the band attempts to break from their Gothic set pieces and Gregorian chants with other textures, like on the dancey "Bad Blood" and electronic "Flaws." These tracks feel integrated into the rest of the album because they simply mix more modern sounds with the band's dramatic approach. While Bad Blood can feel a bit monotone, it is a polished album brimming with theatrics.

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