Happy 2014!

Welcome back, dear reader, and happy 2014 to you! After a lovely break, I am back to the blog for chatter about music (and some poetry too).

This year in addition to my usual coverage, I will be doing an Album of the Week feature, focusing my attention on albums both new and old. I spent a lot of last year blogging about singles, which I plan to keep up this year while also upping my writing about albums. Many of these posts will be mini-reviews. In an effort to expand my horizons, half of the reviews for Album of the Week will be of selections my boyfriend has encouraged me to listen to. It should be a lot of fun, and I am looking forward to it.

In addition, I hope to post a few more poetry reviews than I did in 2013. I already have books piled up I want to review, not to mention the exciting forthcoming books by Ellen Bass, Jan Heller Levi, and Jane Hoogestraat. It should be a great year for poetry!

2013 was a wonderful blogging year for me, as well as a good year for pop music. Just check out this new megamix, which features many of my favorite tracks:

In this new year, I am looking forward to celebrating even more great stuff with you. Happy listening and happy new year!

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