Single Review: Dark Horse by Katy Perry (ft. Juicy J)

With "Dark Horse" sitting atop the chart for another week, Katy Perry maintains her status as a hit-maker. It is also worth noting the singer/songwriter has moved over one million units of her newest album, Prism. While most of that record plays to Perry's pure pop strengths and new interest in adult contemporary music, "Dark Horse" is one of a few tracks that flirts with dance. Using magical/spiritual images, a trance beat, Juicy J's rap, and a sultry vocal to create an overall sexy aesthetic, it feels less playful than some of the songs on Prism, though just as enjoyable. In fact, it diversifies Perry's growing list of number one hits ("Dark Horse" is her second from Prism and ninth overall) and fits comfortably with winter radio's more subdued pallet. This hit should keep Perry's album in listeners' minds until she can release a sunnier single with the coming warm weather; still, "Dark Horse" is a great way to bide the time.

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