Album of the Week: The National's Trouble Will Find Me

The National's 2013 album, Trouble Will Find Me, shows the band continuing to exercise their exceptional skill with mope-rock. Much of the album explores romantic woes, like the wonderful, "I Should Live in Salt," which sounds like their response to "Fake Empire" from Boxer. Just as "Fake Empire" functions as the highlight in an already strong and cohesive album, "I Should Live in Salt" perfectly encapsulates and yet transcends the band's sixth record. Single, "Graceless," also reveals the flip-side of their glass-half-empty template: it plugs along at a steadier rock pace, but sounds equally melancholy to anything else on the record. Working with depressive lyrics, subtle rock, and slurred vocals, The National know how to create a sonic world that is heartbreaking but beautiful.

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