Single Review: I Walk Alone by Cher

Cher's third club single from Closer to the Truth, "I Walk Alone," is a smart choice. While her two previous singles found club success ("Woman's World" #1, and "Take It Like a Man" #2) and her ballad "I Hope You Find It" broke the top 20 on the Adult Contemporary chart, "I Walk Alone" acts as interesting bridge between the two sounds. On its parent album, the song helps the disc segue from hard-hitting dance tracks to more contemplative ballads. As a club single, it has a great beat that is enriched by the folk and country textures (claps, banjo, tambourine).  The song (co-written by Pink) smartly marries many sounds (folk, country, dance, rock) and images (gypsies, hippie imagery) that are touchstones from Cher's long and diverse career. Thus, the song is not only a fun, interesting slice of dance music that easily spawns great remixes, but it also works as a celebration of the diva's knack for incorporating many aesthetics.


Anonymous said...

Totally agree with the review. A great number that deserves radio crossover in various formats.

Isaiah Vianese said...

Absolutely. I wish Warner Brothers promoted this and other Cher tracks to Top 40 radio; given the success of dance and 80s/90s nostalgia in pop right now, "I Walk Alone" could definitely succeed with label support.