Album of the Week: Royksopp and Robyn's Do It Again

This summer’s Royksopp and Robyn collaboration EP, Do It Again, is a compelling mix of the musicians’ talents. Listeners expecting a traditional album from either artist may be disappointed, but there is plenty of interesting material here to keep fans dancing. The record opens with the lovely, meditative ten-minute “Monument,” which features Robyn as guru, singing about the limitations of her body and the power of love. The track sets a chilly tone for the remainder of the EP—a chilliness it tempers with Robyn’s vocals and saxophones. The middle of the album heads straight for the club with the relentless “Say It,” and Robyn spends the rave tune teaching a robot to talk dirty.  Yet, the title track anchors Do It Again, working as one of the finest dance pop tunes this year, and “Every Little Thing,” another good slice of dance pop, sounds akin to Robyn’s “Be Mine!” After delivering on “Every Little Thing,” the singer exits the record, which ends with another ten-minute experiment, “Inside the Idle Hour Club.” This concluding track is warmer than “Monument,” but it is also minimal, playing with sounds that would work on an Air song. What results is not only an unusually grey-scale summer release, but also a rich and generous piece of counter programming. 

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