Happy Birthday to Cher!

Today, the Goddess of Pop, Cher, turns 68. In celebration of her remarkable career, I wanted to revisit a remix track from her 1996 album It's a Man's World. Mostly a covers record, It's a Man's World shows the diva playing with her falsetto range and traditional pop sounds. However, it also marks her movement towards dance music, particularly with the single "One by One," which spawned remix after remix.  I've chosen to share--oops! sounds like a pun!--the Junior Vasquez Radio Edit of that track because it feels quintessential late 90s/early 2000s, and the track has a celebratory sound that works so well with the singer's vocal. Cher is a superstar for good reason, and here's to hoping she releases great music for many years to come!

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Happy birthday to Cher!

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