Single Review: She Looks So Perfect by 5 Seconds of Summer

In the wake of One Direction's success and maturing sound, no one will be shocked by the arrival of 5 Seconds of Summer. While they claim they are not like One Direction--they play instruments! and have punk hair-dos! piercings!--their sound only differs from One Direction's  because it has a dash of pop-punk swagger. That said, their single, "She Looks Perfect," works as a charming pop confection with a good chorus and vocal-delivery reminiscent of upbeat Lifehouse.  The track feels like it could have been released in 2001 and that nostalgia for pop-rock even saves the song's brand-name-dropping chorus. Because they sound like One Direction remixed by Blink 182,  5 Seconds of Summer will likely satisfy boy-band fans, if only because they are a skillful variation on a hit-making formula.

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