A Case for Bonnie McKee's Breakthrough

Bonnie McKee is a principle collaborator on some of pop music's biggest hits, and her gifts for hooks and American pop tropes have helped shape the top 40. Check out this video, and you will get a taste for her career writing songs with artists like Katy Perry and Kesha. Though she has yet to score a hit of her own and her first record flopped, it may be McKee's time to break through. Of course, other songwriters have pushed into mainstream solo success; I'm thinking of Carole King in the 70s, but Sia is the best contemporary example. Last summer, McKee scored a modest hit with the catchy "American Girl." She also has a good voice--one not all that different from Kesha's, but warmer and more flexible--and the sensitive party girl persona she helped her diva friends create remains a staple on radio. It is rumored she may drop an EP this summer, and let's hope she does. This could be Bonnie McKee's musical world. In many ways, it already is.

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