Single Review: Hideaway by Kiesza

Kiesza's "Hideaway" continues the house renaissance gaining traction on pop radio. The singer's breakout single is a good example of how 90s nostalgia is reinvigorating a dance scene that was over-run by dubstep and weighty EDM. The track has an infectious beat but a delicate touch, including a pristine vocal performance. Like much club music 20 years ago, repetition works to the track's advantage because Kiesza has such an interesting voice--something that could be said about the best house artists of the past, though they rarely get that credit. Her influence is Haddaway, most famous for his hit, "What is Love." Kiesza recorded her own version of that track, and the title of "Hideaway" is likely a nod to the dance legend.  Most importantly, though, it's a great piece of club music.

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