Two Songs That Shoule be Released as Summer Singles

Summer is a great time to release uplifting singles, and there are often potential hits buried in albums released during the fall or winter. Because labels give up promoting these projects by the time warm weather rolls around, these tracks never get official single releases.

"Passenger" by Britney Spears

Britney's latest album, Britney Jean, did not move as many units as her label probably hoped. The second single, "Perfume," also stalled despite a lovely video treatment, and RCA seems to have abandoned the project as the singer focuses on her Vegas show. However, deep cut "Passenger," co-written by Spears, Sia, and Katy Perry (among others), is built for summer radio, featuring driving verses, a hopeful chorus, and a thundering production. The song meshes the three pop divas's talents, creating a track that sounds good delivered by Britney but is textured by Sia's sense of drama and Perry's relentless optimism.

"Daydreamin'" by Jessie J

Jessie J's sophomore effort, Alive, has yet to get a state-side release (and will likely be retooled for the US), which is a shame. The record is ripe with great singles, including the disco-throwback "Daydreamin'"--a track that would have felt at home on an 80s Whitney Houston record too. Jessie J is in her typical excellent voice, and the song works because it sounds like the pop star is having so much fun. How can you go wrong with a frothy, carefully produced dance tune about being in love? I swear this could be a huge hit.

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