Single Review: Intuition by Jewel

Jewel's last top 20 on the Hot 100 hit is a doozy; "Intuition" dropped May 2003, and its accordion intro announced an exciting new musical direction for the star. Some fans scoffed at the folk singer experimenting with dance, but the track sounds refreshing and creative. "Intuition" satirizes commercialism and mainstream culture, but it's so much  tongue-in-cheek fun at the same time that it never feels like homework. Also, because Jewel possesses legitimate singing chops, she can lend a dance song a lot of personality, as she does so well on the roaring chorus. In many ways, Jewel was able to have her cake and eat it too: "Intuition" has the lightness of bubblegum while still revealing her intelligence and skill. Over a decade later, it's still charming pop music.

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