Madonna's Rebel Heart Leaks

Over the holiday, a draft of Madonna's rumored forthcoming single, "Rebel Heart," leaked. The pop superstar has been working on a new album for most of 2014, collaborating with hit makers like Avicii to complete her LP for a 2015 release. We could have a lengthy discussion about why tracks leak and whether or not artists or labels leak material on purpose to create buzz, but that speculation aside, the new song shows a lot of promise for Madonna's album.

Keeping in mind that the leak has rough audio quality and is not likely the finished version of "Rebel Heart," it's a solid track. After the cold and aggressive work on 2012's MDNA, it's refreshing to hear a warmer, more self-reflective Madonna. This warmth is in part due to smart production choices, which mix acoustic guitars and EDM in a sugary, ecstatic rush that almost certainly pegs the song as an Avicii collaboration. Of course Madonna is no stranger to mixing guitar and dance music--she has done so with success on both Music and American Life--but the expansive chorus makes "Rebel Heart" a more modern creature. In fact, the song has a lot in common with Cher's excellent, "I Walk Alone," both in sound and wistfulness (and I should note that "I Walk Alone" is one of the best dance singles in the last year).

"Rebel Heart" foreshadows what could be a creative renaissance for Madonna. The song finds her looking back over her life and career ("I spent some time as a narcissist... Trying to be so provocative...  All the things I did just to be seen") and for fans (like me) who are drawn to the diva's more spiritual tendencies, this leak is exciting news.

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