Pop Music/Pop Journey/Pop Novel Internet Link Round-Up

Taylor Swift continues to shatter sales records with her new album, 1989. However, even more interesting than her commercial success are her smarts and maturity, like we hear in this great NPR interview with Melissa Block. Scroll down the linked page to catch the expanded 30 minute conversation with Swift; it's worth it.

Another NPR gem: Linda Holmes wrote a lovely essay about vacationing alone called, "The Luxury of Solitude." She has lots of smart things to say about solitude, but I was particularly charmed by how her essay revels in Northeast Americana and the joy of wandering through small towns during autumn.

Last but not least, Stephen King returns with a new book, Revival, which comes out next week. The book is supposed to be a return to horror after the author found success with mystery writing (the excellent Joyland) and historical science fiction (the JFK assassination blockbuster 11/22/63). King sat down for an extensive Rolling Stone interview, and early reviews--like this piece in Slant--have encouraging things to say about his latest novel.

Happy Thursday, dear reader! I hope these links bring you some happy reading and listening.

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