2014 Wind Down! and Tasty Track 14 of 2014:

Yes, dear reader, we have arrived at our end of the year tradition: revisiting the best pop music of the last twelve months. Like I said six months ago or so, I think it was a great year for singles but a slower year for great albums. So, this year I will be revisiting my top 14 singles in my Tasty Tracks of 2014  feature, as well as recapping my thoughts on four albums, including what I think is the best pop record of the year.

I will also return to my favorite poetry books of year and name what I think is the best collection of 2014.

To kick things off, let's start with number 14 in my ranking of the best singles of the year: Jessie J, Ariana Grande, and Nicki Minaj's "Bang Bang." When the song dropped in August, I was not overly enthused, but (like for the rest of the world) it shimmied it's way into my pop music heart. After a healthy run on the Billboard 100, it is fair to call "Bang Bang" the "Lady Marmalade" of 2014, mostly because the song is so much fun. As far as I'm concerned, Jessie J owns the track, with her runs circling up and down the tune, but her fellow divas make strong turns too. In fact, Minaj's rap is her best hit performance this year. Not to mention, having three confident and individual female performers work together to create music is always a good thing.

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