Single Review: Living for Love by Madonna

While I was on hiatus from the blog, Madonna was having a chaotic time preparing songs for a rush release just before the holidays. Though an unexpected response to an onslaught of leaked demos, the teaser tracks bode well for Madonna's forthcoming Rebel Heart, which is a robust 19 song opus that will arrive in full on March 10. The lead single, "Living for Love," encapsulates why pop fans are looking forward to the album. It's a sharp house tune that recalls some of Madonna's best material, including the gospel touches of "Like a Prayer," the optimism and energy of "Ray of Light," and the dance smarts of "Hung Up." Also, Madonna is front and center, rather than overshadowed by guest performers. I had lukewarm feelings about MDNA, but "Living for Love" (as well as other early release songs "Ghosttown" and "Devil Pray") have me looking forward to Rebel Heart.

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