Welcome to 2015!

I'm back, dear reader! After a busy but good hiatus from the blog, I am back and ready to get down to the fun business of talking about music and poetry with you.

As usual, I like to focus on a couple special features, as well as fill the blog with regular album and song reviews.

This year, I am going to do a twelve-part series called Pop Flop. The goal of this series is to revisit albums that were considered commercial and/or critical disappointments, discovering how they sound now that the dust has settled. I am of the belief that all earnest art has merit, and I want to hear what these albums have to offer (if anything) after surviving the context of their debuts.

I am also going to do twelve poetry reviews this year (beyond whatever I dream up for National Poetry Month). Those of you who started reading the blog when it was born seven years ago know that it used to exclusively focus on poetry. While the site has transitioned to focus heavily on pop music, I want to create more space for my poetry coverage. Outside of my National Poetry Month celebration, I have neglected talking about poetry on From Yes and I want to change that.

We have lots to look forward to in this crazy pop-music and poetry year. Stay tuned for poetry reviews of books by Jane Hoogestraat, Olena Kalytiak Davis, and Richard Siken. We also have lots of exciting pop projects coming this year, including albums by Madonna, Donna Lewis, Death Cab for Cutie, Coldplay, Rihanna, Sufjan Stevens, and Gwen Stefani (among many others).

It's going to be a busy year. So let's dive in!

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