Single Review: Ghost Town by Adam Lambert

No one should say Madonna isn't still a trend setter: two weeks after the official video release of her new single "Ghosttown," Adam Lambert has dropped his own "Ghost Town" as the first tune from his forthcoming record. Fortunately, the tracks have different energies. While Madonna mines power ballad gold, Lambert takes the listener to a post-apocalyptic club--a place not all that different from Britney's in "Till the World Ends." Lambert's song starts soft, listing disillusionments over a strumming guitar, but the chorus arrives with it's whistled hook and house beats, ending the singer's melancholy stroll through empty streets by entering a rave. "Ghost Town" is more relaxed than his previous singles, and Lambert sounds at ease with the material. Is his song better than Madonna's? No, but it's a unique creature and interesting in its own right.

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